Thursday, January 31, 2013


So....just keeping it real honest here.

Is it wrong that I think Beyonce should not have been allowed to sing (lip sync) the national anthem at the inauguration?

I love Beyonce. She's a great singer. Lots of people say stupid things. But come on, when she posted this on her Tumblr page after Barack won?

It was taken down, but really? About half the country voted for Mitt Romney and she shoves it in our face and then sings the national anthem at the inauguration? 

I just wish the media would address this. Just saying.

All the single ladies....


  1. I actually kind of agree with you here (Recover from your shock. I don't necessarily think that she shouldn't have posted that (it's immature, but freedom of speech and all that), but I think the inauguration should be held to a higher standard than the Superbowl or something. They should have super classy people sing (like that amazing choir they had) rather than pop stars. I have no jurisprudence or philosophical theories to back up my opinion, I just have an opinion. Which is valid. Because it's mine.

    1. I KNEW we would agree on something! I always value your opinion. You the best. Happy Birthday JT.

  2. Shoot. I didn't close my first parenthetical. I could delete it and try again, but that is so much effort! Just try not to judge me.