Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2nd..Now What?

I thought people who set New Years resolutions were lame. I mean, what is the point of setting a goal  January 1st because come January 2nd no one keeps their goal anyway. It is so pointless. Here we are, January 2nd, and have you all failed? Yeah, probably. Here's my advice. Wait until next year. 

Worst. Advice. Ever. 

I'm going to tell you what's up. Take my advice because I am right. I mean, I am always right.

Let's think about this: 'eternal perspective'. Do you think God has a calendar? Me thinks not. I obviously don't know, but I do not think he has the same 365 day calendar that we have. 

Here's why I think this is important to remember. Let's say that you failed your goal today. That's ok. Tomorrow is January 1st again. So is the next day. So is the next day. 

Did you read your scriptures yesterday? I didn't. I actually haven't read them in a little while again. Dang. I decided that starting January 1st I was going to read them every day of this year. Ok, I forgot to read them yesterday because I have not really been in the habit. So I should just give up until next year right? Or should I at least wait until Sunday? No, just go Justin. Just do it. I'm going to read them tonight. What better time to start a habit than right now? 

You want to go to the gym? Yeah, I'll start going next week. Why can't you start going tomorrow? 

You haven't prayed to God in years. Say a prayer tonight. Doesn't have to be long. Just do it. Try it on for size. 

When this gets really hard is March, July, and September. You guys, time doesn't matter. Procrastination does though.  Wait, what? Yeah, if you are trying and doing, then you are succeeding

Let's say you want to start a diet. I'll start next week! We hear this all the time. We can't start today because......? 

We control our own life. We can do this. So just do it. 

I am far from perfect. I am what you would even call a hypocrite because I don't always do these things, but I believe in them. 

Make a goal. Write it down. Start it tonight. PS...tomorrow is January huh?! (not that it matters)

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