Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quit Racing

I don't want to race anymore. I'm tired.

Did you know that life isn't a race? I didn't know that until very recently. I thought I was racing someone until I stopped running as fast and started looking around and noticed that no one was really running against me. In other words, I have been on this treadmill going at full speed and I have just recently stepped off, and now I enjoy walking.

I graduated from high school in 2006. I started my college career at ASU as a pre-med student for a year before serving my two year LDS mission in Ukraine. I came back, started back up at ASU, and after a semester I transferred to BYU. Many of my credits didn't transfer (and my scholarship most DEFINITELY didn't transfer), but I still felt like going to BYU would be the right thing to do. 

A couple years into BYU, I decided that I would prepare for law school. I gave my all to preparing for law school. I mean, I got this awesome job as a prelaw advisor at BYU, got an internship working for a judge, became one of the presidents of the Prelaw Student Association at BYU. I mean, I was like ALL IN. I dumped about a thousand dollars into an LSAT prep course. I took the LSAT, and guess what, I just recently decided I don't want to go to law school anymore. What a waste right? 

Here's what I have to say. Of course not! How could I have known that I didn't want to go to law school had I not given my all and gone forward with this plan! A lot of the time I stress though because I think, 'oh great, now what?! I am so far behind.'

Here's the question: So far behind who?

Here's the answer: No one.

It's my life. I'm figuring it out in my own time.

I just wish I could have figured this out earlier! So what's the new plan? I will probably graduate in Fall 2013 with a degree in Marketing. We'll see. Things change. 

The cool thing is, you are not racing anyone either. Don't let anyone tell you that you are in a race. 

This applies to everything. Dating, dieting, schooling, marriage, marriage, marriage (yeah...can you tell what people talk to me about a lot, right)? 

Quit racing. But DON'T. STOP. MOVING.


  1. Amen to that brotha!

    ...i feel like i should say more. but that pretty much sums up my thoughts at this moment.

  2. So true! I forget this all the time, especially when I compare myself to others or others' expectations for my life. But you know life is mine, not theirs, not someone else's, mine. And my life has always had a different path. My life has never been traditional. Why would I expect it to be now? Thanks for the reminder!