Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Justin My What I Grew Up?!

So I graduated semesters. I mean, that was a really big step for me--getting through this last semester. I can't wait to quit graduating semesters and like really graduate graduate. Like legit get out of this thing we call school.

Last week I started working 40 hours a week, what?!

This is what grown up life is like?! I had it all wrong?! I am more busy now than I was during the school year!  I am on a computer for eight hours of the day and then I come home, eat dinner, and go to bed and repeat. I mean, is this life?! Maybe I should figure something else to do with my life?!

Just kidding. I secretly love it. Leave the work at work and come home to nothing (except a fish and a dog and 3 people who are not my wife).

Last week I did all this stuff for church. Made a trip to the temple.

Had a legit hike with my friend Tayler, until I was told there were bears and mountain lions and cougars in the canyon, then it was less legit, and more scary. (I tried to cross a river (more like a small stream) and fell in).

Finished re-watching Season 1 of Arrested Development in order to get ready for SEASON 4 ON MAY 26th after a SEVEN YEAR HIATUS.

Saw Iron Man 3. Guh I should probably write a review on it because I have a SERIOUS following but I seriously am on the computer WAY too much as is. I loved Iron Man 3.

Pumped for Gatsby this weekend. Been listening to the soundtrack all day.

Bought tickets for Star Trek for a showing that is 2 DAYS EARLY. IMAX. 3D. Words can't express.

Other than that nothing is happening in my life, except all that exciting stuff above. Saving the world by watching TV and working my tail off!