Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home is Now Behind You

I saw The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey a couple of nights ago and although I thought most of it was kind of lame sauce and slow, there was a line in there that I thought was SO good.

Gandalf says to Bilbo, "Home is now behind you. The world is ahead."

Wow. Is that not awesome?! Ok, some of you are like, yeah, so what?!

You guys, it is all about applying this kind of stuff. I love my home. I have the best parents. I had the best growing up experience possible. I was blessed for sure. But I think I have a problem; I don't think I have ever really left home. (Ok, right now I am sitting at home writing this post so technically no, I haven't left home because I'm on vacation). But you get what I mean. I went away to college and I still am at 'home'. What does this mean? 

Here's what I am trying to get at. I'm 24, and yet sometimes I don't feel like I am an adult yet because I have not entered into the m (marriage) word yet. Gandalf gave me some good advice. He was telling Bilbo and me that I need to put home behind. I need to leave some of my childish ways behind at home. And guess what?! The world is ahead! I am SO excited for that! How awesome is that?! The world is ahead!

I love thinking about this stuff. I love watching movies and hearing lines and things that make me want to be a better person. This line did it for me. Home is now behind me. The world is ahead!


  1. I am SO good at living in my memories, and holding on to habits. I love this. Time to leave "home" and go out into the world. Change is okay. Change is good. Scary sometimes, but good. New. New is what I need and want. I can't have new if I'm living with/in old. Thank you.

    1. Right?! Man, this quote was so good. I loved it. Thanks for all the comments by the way. :)