Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Don't You Want to be That Person?

This is on my mind a lot. Everyone always wants to be someone else. I speak in hyperbole a lot so get used to it. You will disagree with me a lot so get used to it. I am right though most of the time so get used to it.

I think so many people spend way too much time hoping to be somebody else. We look at everyone else's life and we think, "oh man, they have got 'it' figured out."I can tell you this, the only people who have 'it' figured out are the people attending BYU. (HAHAHA what a joke).

But seriously, can we all just stop? Seriously, just stop.

I know that I am trying, but can we all just stop?! Stop trying to be someone else! Be yourself. Be you. God created you and He created Sam and Beth and Joe. The one thing that is hard about being obsessed with movies and TV is that I spend a lot of time comparing myself to individuals up on the big screen. See? I have problems. You don't want to be me. Surprise!

I'm guessing (only guessing) I don't want to be you either. That is really hard for me because a lot of you are richer than me, better looking than me, funnier (doubtful), cooler, married-er, etc., than me. But my guess is, you all come with some baggage. Guess what everyone?! Everyone's got baggage. So stop trying to be someone else. Be yourself. And live your life.

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  1. I forget this all the time. EVERYONE has baggage. If I really sit and think about it...I'd much rather have my baggage than someone else's. I can somewhat handle mine(even when I don't think I can).