Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There are always two sides

First off, I just want to say there are always two sides and I am getting tired of seeing the extremes.

Again-- I have an opinion-- not really willing to share it all here, because heck it fluctuates every day.

But seriously, this is driving me crazy. The double standards. The bad attitudes. The arguments. The crazy talk. The random facts. The illogical arguments. The 'pull at your heart strings'. The special interests. (And yes I am addicted to Facebook so I stole a lot of these from Facebook and I love you all.)

Some highlights:

and then of course 

Then of course we had the universal background gun check vote today in the US Senate that failed. And our President says:

Universal background checks. How could ANYONE vote against that?! Oh wait. There's another side? 

There's this view.

What are your thoughts on this next picture?

My point is this. Everyone has valid points. Everyone wants to help. Everyone wants what's best for this country. Open your minds just a little bit people. If you're a lib, look at those pics I posted above that irk you just a little bit. Are you just voting for emotion? If you're a conservative, look at today's vote and determine if you are truly happy with what happened. Are you doing enough?

As a completely side note-- I saw this picture of the Boston Marathon bombing and it almost brought me to tears. This is what truly matters people. Let us not soon forget that THESE people are the ones suffering. The victims at Sandy Hook Elementary. The victims at the Boston Marathon. Pray for these families. The politicians are fine. The President is doing just fine even though 'it was a shameful day in Washington'. 

The families are suffering. 

Pray for the families. 

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