Monday, April 8, 2013

Alive but barely

Did you all know that I am finishing my fifth year of college? It never ends. 

Some friendly advice. Don't go to college. It's not worth it. I have one more semester and that means one more semester of tests, grades, and stress. I know that after college my life is going to be perfect and I can't wait!

I started my new job as an Internet Marketing Specialist. It's pretty You know all those annoying Google ads that appear on the sides when you Google something? Yeah, I make those now. I'm kindddd of a big deal. 

School, work, presentations, and life has been so insane that I decided that I needed a break. Where should I go? 

Beach. Hollywood. Disneyland. 

I just really like this picture. This picture explains a lot of emotions:

"Stick it finals!"
"I finally don't cry on (most) roller coasters!"
"Who needs school anyway?!"
"Being in the park from open to close is making me reallly tired!"

We went back to the apartment we were staying at in California and I attempted to homework. HA. That was a joke. 

On this trip I also watched The Walking Dead season finale. It just made me mad. So what if TV runs my life? 

So I get back home and have some MAJOR presentations that I have to do. Stayed up late. Owned it.

Had a great time at the Prelaw Student Association Closing Social. 

Then I had a chance to emcee the closing social for the ward the next night. So you're probably thinking, big deal right? Ok, it's like a four hour activity. That's a lot of talking. 

Friday came. Caught up on my Following and slept the weekend away. (And watched awesome #ldsconf of course).



  1. I can relate. I'm barely alive. It took me five years too. Kind of over-rated. Four hours is a loooong time. Loved conference. And I've had major issues and deadlines and - I'm tired. - stayin' alive...stayin' alive. Huh, huh, huh - stayin' ALIVE! (can you hear the music?)

    1. I think I'm missing a "huh." See- barely and tired! :)