Sunday, April 28, 2013


The fans have demanded it. A week recap.

Monday: No place to live still-studying for finals.

Tuesday: No place to live...still. Studying for finals.

Wednesday: Call in the morning from a buddy saying that there is a spot open in his apartment and I can live there if I want. I walk over. Ask for the contract sign it. Boom. Somewhere to live.

Thursday: FREE at LAST! No SCHOOL!

Friday: Pack. I am a SERIOUS hoarder. I have problems.

Saturday: Move--and I hated every minute of it.

Sunday: Church. Met all the new people today. Hashtag yay. I stayed in the same ward but saw a lot of new faces for sure.

I'm just glad my fish, Hurley Samuel L. Barack, made it through the move. Whew it was a rough one.

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  1. just caught up on your blog. love it. sorry i don't comment on every post. deal with it.