Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JustIn Today

The title of this blog is JustIn My Day so I figured I'd write about my day.

8:00 am - class. Managerial Economics. That class is ruff.
9:30 am - class. Strategy. That class is ALL busy work and then Seinfeld vids during the class. Not complaining.
11:00- I didn't wake up in time to pack a lunch so I bought a quesadilla from the Business School Blue Line. Nice name eh? They were so busy...so they let my quesadilla go through the oven and it rolled over and burned and started a fire...so then they had to remake it.
12:30- I made a website for my internet marketing class, which was cancelled.
2:00- Work. Prelaw Advising.
5:00-Home to watch The Following. Messed up TV people. Messed up.
Rest of the night was homework and stuff.

In semi-exciting news I took out the trash cans out and I swear I saw someone breaking into a car. NBD though...until he started walking towards me. Every scary movie started going through my head so I ran inside.

The End. (I hope).


  1. Wish I was there for the quesadilla.

    1. Brent Reynolds you are always invited to eat burnt quesadillas with me!